Local Cherries

Local Cherries

We were very excited last week, to receive our first delivery of local cherries. We have had English Cherries for several weeks, but none of them very local – until now!

Sadly the season will be finishing before we know it, but we are very pleased to be able to support our local growers at the same time as providing you with first class produce, and the local Cherries are no exception.

If you haven’t heard of the growers, they are a wonderful estate between Selborne and Liss, Blackmoor Estate and have been growing fruit for many years

Blackmoor Estate is a family-run farm located near Selborne in Hampshire and is best known for its long experience of growing both traditional and new varieties of English apples and pears, but now also grow cherries. Their nursery also supplies fruit trees for those who want to grow their own. They are most renowned for their Apple Tasting Days which I understand they have been hosting every Autumn for over 40 years – sadly this year will no doubt be a little different, but ordinarily attracts thousands of people – certainly something I will look to pop in my diary this year or next. Watch our website and Facebook page for more news as we hope to stock some of their delicious apples this year too, especially the Russet.

We will have the local cherries for the next couple of weeks only now, as the season runs away with us. All of the English cherries have been delicious, and the local ones are up there with the best ones to be tasted.

Pop down to get yours now, before they disappear until next year, or add to your order here https://clanfieldgreengrocers.co.uk/how-to-order/