Our ranges

Fresh fruit & vegetables

Nigel rises at 3am and heads straight to market, to make sure only the finest fruit and vegetables are ready for when our store opens. We stock a huge variety of fruit and vegetables, and even local honey and more. Fruit and veg.


Pet supplies

We love our four legged friends, and provide a full range of pet supplies including Canagan, Forthglade, Burns and Symply for dogs & cats, as well as toys and treats. Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Poultry and both wild & caged birds are not forgotten either with feeds treats & bedding . Learn more.


Freshly prepared flowers

From ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘sorry I worked late’ to ‘I love you’, our talented florists are able to provide flowers arrangements for special occasions such as Mothers Day, Valentines Day, weddings, funerals – or simply to show you care. Drop by to see what’s available, or have some made up. Learn more.


Seasonal specialities

Not only do we stock seasonal varieties of all your favourite foods, we also make sure you have everything you need for special dates such as Easter, Saint Valentines Day, Halloween, and Christmas.


Garden Plants

When the sun comes out, there isn’t anything better than putting your garden in order. We provide a wonderful range of plants and flowers for all gardens. Learn more.


Christmas trees

At that special time of year, we stock everything you need to get in the festive spirit. From brussels sprouts and holly wreaths to magnificent Christmas tree’s – make this season special. Learn more.