A change around

The shop has had a bit of a change around today! We want to be able to show you some of the lovely selections that we have available when you come down to shop, but this has been a bit of a struggle until now. Hopefully this will help…..!

As we can’t practice social distancing within the shop, we are unable to allow customers in as yet, and of course, we don’t know how long this will go on for. But, what we do want is for both our staff and our customers to feel safe and comfortable when they do shop, however, we still want you to see what is available.

We are, and will continue, to take orders on the dedicated phone number, as well as online https://clanfieldgreengrocers.co.uk/how-to-order/ however we are also now managing to serve customers with smaller requests from out the front of the shop, from lunchtimes onwards. We hope that by being able to display more of our produce it will help you with your choices.

We think the change around with the new display is look fairly spectacular today ???? but always appreciate your feedback too.