Soft Fruit

We have some super soft fruit in at the moment! As well as our local strawberries, this week hails the start of the English Raspberry season, and we are getting well stocked with some very fresh and tasty raspberries from our local growers. If you have tried lovely strawberries that we have from the farm near Wickham, then you know you won’t be disappointed by the fresh raspberries from the same farm. They are about as local and as fresh as we can get, and taste wonderful.

That’s not all though, we have some brilliant bargains on other soft fruit too – new in we have Redcurrants, at £1 per punnet – a real deal. We also have lovely apricots at just £2.00 for 1 whole kilo. It doesn’t stop there, flat peaches have also made a long awaited return this week too.

For small requirements, we are able to serve from the shop front every afternoon, but you can also feel free to place an order via