Christmas Potatoes

With just one week to go to the “Big Day”, and the all important Christmas Dinner, now is a good time to stock up on some items that will keep. In our ranges with all the fresh produce, this means root veggies, and most notably of course the humble potato.

First of all, if you want to stock up we a variety of sacks:

  • Maris Pipers 25kg sack and 12.5kg sack
  • King Edwards 7.5kg sack
  • Sagitta 25kg sack

For something special – we now have in the totally delicious Christmas treat (if a potato can be classed as a treat) Mayan Gold. These are available by a 5kg box, or loose and priced per kg. These fabulous potatoes are best tried along side your standard roast potatoes to really experience the difference in look and flavour.

Mayan Gold is a unique heritage variety, because they are the first potato in the UK from the indigenous Phureja potatoes of Peru. Mayan Gold have a rich golden colour and a moreish flavour. They have a fluffy flesh which results in excellent roasties, chips and jackets.

For a Boxing Day salad or leftover, as there won’t be any roasties left, we have some special gourmet potatoes:

  • Pink Fir Apple Potatoes
  • Mayan Rose
  • Salad Blue
  • Heidi Red
  • Gypsy

Of course we also have our usual potato ranges available too and a lovely new all rounder (which we mashed last night and can vouch for) called Jelly