Twiggy Tags now in Stock

We are now proud stockists of Twiggy Tags

We are pleased to announce that we have a fabulous selection of Twiggy Tags Dog Harnesses Collars & Leads now in store.

Twiggy Tags encompass bold and attractive designs whilst maintaining high quality and practicality. The hard wearing products are dog-proof adventure ready and designed for the great outdoors. They are perfect for our South Downs adventures and beyond.

Twiggy Tags won the Best New Product in the dog wear, collar, harness & lead category in 2022! You can tell why we are excited to be able to stock them!

Every Twiggy Tag product is tried and tested and built to last. They are extremely hard wearing. Even the smallest items are strength tested to a minimum of 140kgs (????!). The largest collars and leads are tested to an excess of 400kg (????????!).

The harnesses are Y-fronted to ensure there is no restriction of movement as recommended by canine physio experts.

They are weatherproof and quick drying( should the dog take a dip!) And, they are non staining if you have a bog loving dog! They have reflective detailing and are rust resistant….you can start to tell why we are loving them!

They are suitable for every dog – ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and as you can see from some of the photos, for every dog in between as well. Our collie has been loving hers ????

And finally, if you an Apple user and familiar with AirTags there is even a slot on the front of the harness for an AirTag!

So after all that, why buy from us? Youou can come in to the shop with your dog and try them comfortably for the correct size in our secure area (please ask about this), and we are very keenly priced.

We hope to see you soon