Garden Visitors

Today is all about our garden feathery friends.

Although the main nesting season is passing, we have noticed that the birds in our garden are still pretty ravenous. In fact, they are clearing almost a bag of seed within a couple of hours! Maybe we are being a bit generous, but the wonderful thing is that we have no shortage of song birds visiting our garden.

We have several varieties of bird seed which we always have in stock:

Wild Bird Seed
Robin and Songbird Mix
Less Mess with Fruit
Wheat free
Peanuts – whole and chopped
Suet Pellets
Suet Logs

We stock a huge variety!

We also have feed stations, hanging feeders, and feed tables for sale. The hanging feeders are metal and should be a little more squirrel proof, but the house feeding stations look great in the garden…. we think they also make a great new home or birthday gift too!

As with everything we sell, you are welcome to pop down to buy, or place an order